RFID Applications

RFID is used for many applications such as: Automated electronic toll stations which can identify vehicles passing through without having to stop and then debits their account. Identify and monitor railcars and containers. RFID tags help farmers track their farm animals, and is used in wildlife conservation. Also helps to identify our animal companions if they should ever become lost. Customers can pay for their fuel at the pump with just a wave of their key tag. An increase in demand has been seen for security applications such as homeland security, employee identification, gaining entrance and controlling access of vehicles to buildings, gated communities, corporate campuses and airports. Some other current uses for RFID include waste management, automating parking and managing traffic, the dispensing of all types of products, providing ski lift access, the tracking of library books and more. Major growth in the future of RFID will come from real-time location systems (RTLS), asset management, baggage handling and cash less payment systems. Business segments such as retail, logistics, warehousing and manufacturing will greatly benefit from an increase in supply chain visibility that RFID can create.

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